How do I change my IDC?

If you plan to change the Internet Data Center (IDC), you need to delete your website then register again to the new IDC. Please follow the instructions below.

  1. Click the trash can icon on Cloudbric console. But please note that you have to login to hosting provider's DNS management page and change the website's DNS records to yours. ==> (A-record, to your original web server) ==> (A-record, to your original web server)

    OR Cloudbric name servers ==> your original name servers
  2. After a three-day grace period, the website will be removed from our systems, unless Cloudbric detects DNS change, in which case it will be deleted before the grace period (for those that wish the site to be deleted immediately, please contact Cloudbric via support center).
  3. Come back to Cloudbric and add the website.
  4. Go back to hosting provider's DNS management page and change your DNS records to ours.
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