I want to change website registration methods, what should I do?

There are two ways of registering your website to Cloudbric. The Name Server method, and the DNS Record method (A-record/CNAME). The only way to change from one to another is by first deleting the website

Even if the website is activated or deactivated (was protected, but now in deletion mode), the only way to change registration method (from A-record/CNAME to Name servers OR vice versa) is deleting the website, then registering again with your preferred method.

To first delete your website, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Login to hosting provider's DNS management page and change the website's DNS records to yours.

    example.com ==> (A-record, to your original web server)

    www.example.com ==> (A-record, to your original web server)

    OR Cloudbric name servers ==> your original name servers

  2. Please contact us support center and ask us to delete your website immediately.

  3. Come back to Cloudbric and add the website.

  4. Go back to hosting provider's DNS management page and change your DNS records to ours. 
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