500 Internal Server Error

You will see the 500 internal server error generally for 2 basic reasons.

This either occurs when there is an error in either the origin web server settings on your console settings, or in your actual web server.

  1.   Mis settings of the Origin Web Server on your consolemceclip1.pngWhen registering the website, our system checks where the webserver is pointing at, and according to this value we decide where to forward our traffics to.
    For example, if your Origin Web Server IP is, the path of the client would be as below.

    However, there are some cases that Cloudbric’s IP is registered as the Origin Web Server. This happens when you register your website -> point your DNS record to Cloudbric’s -> delete your website for some reason -> re-add your website to our system. We show you the 500 internal error for this situation so that it doesn’t cause infinite loops, and lead to abnormal traffic increase.

    As a workaround for this issue, you may change your Origin Web Server settings to your own webserver IP. This way Cloudbric will forward your traffic to the right destination.  

  2. Caused from your Web Server

    The 500 error can also occur when something unexpected happened on the web server and the server can’t offer more specific information. If you see an error like this on your website, we advise you to contact your hosting provider and have them check the issue on their side and advise you further.

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