What is redirection mode?


With Cloudbric, you will be able to redirect your domain to WWW or to HTTPS.

To do so, please log in to Cloudbric and go to Settings>SSL/Redirect page. At the bottom right, you will see "Redirection - https“, and/or “Redirection - www”. The latter mode is only available for main domains. 



  • Cloudbric will redirect HTTP traffic to HTTPS when you turn on the feature. Since Cloudbric provides free SSL certificates, you can automatically redirect visitors to HTTPS version of your website to make sure their communication is encrypted. Please note that if you chose HTTP connection only (None SSL mode), then do not turn on the redirection mode.
  • Example: cloudbric.com -> https://cloudbric.com 

Non-WWW to WWW

  • Cloudbric will redirect Non-WWW traffic to WWW when you turn on the feature. By redirecting to WWW, you will have more control in terms of search results. Search engines consider Non-WWW and WWW URLs as two different websites. Please note that this mode is not available for other sub domains.
  • Example: cloudbric.com -> www.cloudbric.com

But before you turn on Redirection Mode..

  • First, make sure that your website is up and running normally when you type “https://” in front of your domain name. Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox block mixed content (when initial resources are loaded in HTTPS but other resources like scripts or stylesheets are loaded over HTTP). With mixed content, your website can look broken to users. 
  • Second, this mode is for users who are using an SSL certificate (Basic and Full Mode). If you aren’t using SSL (None Mode) and prefer HTTP connection only, make sure that Redirection Mode is turned OFF, or face potential errors to your website.
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