[AWS] WMS glossary

AWS WAF: A security solution for protecting web applications and APIs from general web vulnerabilites. AWS WAF can be connected to specific AWS resources usually placed in front of web applications.

AWS resource: Term referring to the services provided by AWS.

Web ACL(Access Control List): Unit that defines the WAF security Rules.

WCU(Web ACL Capacity Units): The capacity units used for calculating the required operating resource to run the Web ACL. The maximum quota for each Web ACL is 5,000, and extra charge will be billed by AWS WAF if the WCU exceeds 1,500.

Rule: Includes Rule Action for when the Rule matches the command which defines the inspection criteria. Rule Action includes the following; Allow, Block, Count (Only records without determining to Allow or Block), and Captcha (Captcha puzzles), and Challenge (Silent challenges). .

Rule Group: A set of unique rules can be added to multiple Web ACLs. The two types of Rule Groups include Rule Groups defined by the user and the Managed Rules administered by AWS or the AWS Marketplace Seller.

Cloudbric WMS Rule Set: Term referring to WAF Rules that is implemented on the customer's Web ACL, in the event of deploying Cloudbric WMS.

Country Block Rule: Rule which allows or blocks a web request based on the country.

Rate-Limit Rule: Rule limiting the number of allowed web request within a 5-minute period, which for AWS WAF is equivalent to Rate-based Rule.

Auto-Block IP List: List of threat IPs for IP-AutoBlock Rule. By analyzing the WebACL attack logs collected in the last 24 hours, IPs detected to be threats are updated automatically every 5 minutes.

Malicious IP Reputation: List of threat IP reputation for Malicious_IP Rule. A list of collected IP reputation collected in the last 30 days is automatically updated every day at 11am (KST).

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