Where to Change Your Nameserver if your Domain and Hosting Companies are Different

If you have signed up for Cloudbric, congratulations! You are one step closer to full-service website protection.

Before you change your name server, are you sure you want to change your name server?

If you are not using your domain as a mail service, then you should move forward to changing your nameserver on your domain provider’s website to secure Cloudbric website protection. However, if your domain is used for e-mail or FTP services, then you should move forward to changing your A-records instead of your nameserver. Your A-records live on your original hosting service management page instead of your domain service page.

So, for those of you who are looking to change your name-server and have a separate hosting company and domain service company, you may have experienced the following before:

1. When you first built your website, you may have gotten a free domain from your hosting service company to get example.com. During that time, with the hosting service’s nameserver, the mapping between the free domain, yourwebsite.example.com, and your unique IP is done

2. Maybe after some time, you don’t want to use the free domain and just want to purchase the domain com from a domain service company. But how do you map your original free domain to your newly purchased domain so you don’t lose everything that you worked so hard on creating?

3. In order to link your website to the new domain, from your domain provider’s management console, you need to set nameserver settings for yourwebsite.com. By doing this, you’re telling your domain provider that you want to use your original nameserver for the domain yourwebsite.com. In this case, your domain service company becomes the panel where you manage your domain’s nameserver and where you would apply Cloudbric’s nameserver to receive website protection.

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