Cloudbric port connection settings and configuration

Console>Settings>Overview>Web Server Port

You can configure port settings for Client <-> Cloudbric traffic in the console. For example you can set it as 443/80 or 8443/8080.

Sometimes there are users who use multiple ports (more than 2 ports). As the usage of multiple ports can increase security vulnerabilities, Cloudbric does not support multiple ports. If you explain your needs in more detail, we might be able to make an exception for you temporarily, but this would be very rare. We try our best to meet the customized security needs of everybody.

For Cloudbric <-> Web server traffic, Cloudbric may offer custom port (2 open ports of user’s choice) settings for those using dedicated servers, under the condition that WAF is not used and assuming the user is using a protocol other than HTTP/HTTPS.

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