ERR_TOO_MANY_RIDIRECTS is an error when your website gets stuck on an infinite loop of redirections. This may happen depending on how you set your SSL mode in Cloudbric SSL/Redirect settings on your webserver (https and www)


For more information about the SSL mode settings, please visit here.

Also, to see the information about the redirect settings, please visit here.

1. HTTPS Redirection Error – When you are using Basic/SSL Termination Mode

If you are currently using Basic SSL(SSL Termination) or the None SSL mode, it means that no matter which port(80/443) you are using between client and Cloudbric, you want to use HTTP(port 80) to communicate between your web server and Cloudbric.

If you and your website visitors are seeing the redirection error when using Basic SSL or None SSL mode, It usually means that while Cloudbric is sending requests to your web server using HTTP port 80 as it should be doing, your webserver may have HTTPS redirection settings enabled, causing the redirection loop.

To resolve the above error, make sure your webserver only uses HTTP to communicate with Cloudbric server.

2. URL redirect error – Mis setting in redirection settings

The URL redirection error happens for similar reasons. If you have “Redirection – www” mode enabled on Cloudbric but your webserver has redirect set to root domain, this will cause URL redirection. If you set your website to use root domain only, make sure to turn off www redirection mode on Cloudbric.

3. Wordpress redirect error

When you enable Basic SSL mode and configure your WordPress site for SSL/HTTPS (allow https traffic only or redirect http traffic to https), the infinite redirect loop error may occur. 

To fix the error, please install any WordPress plugin that fixes all your websites' HTTP contents to HTTPS. An example of this plugin is SSL Insecure Content Fixer

Then, visit and install Cloudbric Basic SSL plugin to prevent the infinite redirect loop (when Cloudbric Basic SSL mode is enabled for your website). Upload plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/cloudbric-basic-ssl/ directory OR install the plugin through WordPress plugins directly. Then, activate it.

Cloudbric Basic SSL plugin is free to all WordPress users, and this is only for those who added their websites to Cloudbric. There are two key features.

1) Prevent redirect loop error

2) Track visitor's original IP: usually, a WordPress based website cannot track visitor's IP address when a firewall is placed in front of your web server, but this plugin will allow you to track visitor's original IP address

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