Is it possible to check attack detection/block logs in real-time via e-mail?

Cloudbric offers SMTP interworking function to our enterprise customers using dedicated servers. To request this function, please provide the information below and submit a ticket to our help center here.

  - Recipient e-mail address /
  - Sender e-mail address /
  - SMTP Server IP / [x.x.x.x.x]
  - SMTP Port / [25]
  - SMTP User Account ID / [alert]
  - SMTP Password / [PW]

  • The SMTP server is prepared by the customer, meaning customers should use the server they would like to receive the alarm on.
  • 'waf-alert', 'alert' are not fixed values, customers may choose their own.
  • '' refers to the actual incoming/outgoing e-mail address currently in use.
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