Access control feature priority

Below are the types of Cloudbric's access control features and their respective priorities in cases where more than 1 setting is applied.

IP Whitelist: Highest priority. Whitelisting has higher priority than blacklisting, meaning IP Whitelist has higher priority than IP Blacklisting.

Country Whitelist: Block all countries except for whitelisted countries as well as whitelisted IPs. 

Country Blacklist: Block blacklisted countries except for whitelisted IPs.

Country Whitelist/Blacklist is a feature that is used one at a time - meaning you cannot use both Country Whitelist and Country Blacklist setting at the same time.

URL Exception: A WAF bypass feature, made in Cloudbric's WAF server, and set separately from the whitelist/blacklist features above which are made in the console, before reaching the WAF server.

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