[AWS] Can I use Managed Rules from a third-party?

No, because the Managed Rules that are available for subscription in AWS or AWS Marketplace are provided and maintained by the Independent Software Vendors (ISV), the detailed conditions of the Rule cannot be disclosed nor customized.

Therfore, if the Rule provided by a third-party vendor and Cloudbric WMS Rule Set are used together, conflict between Rules or deficiency in WCU may occur. Cloudbric WMS Rule Set will be implemented after deleting the third-party vendor Rule.


※ All deleted third-party Managed Rules that are also no longer in use in other Web ACLs must be deleted from all Web ACLs as well as unsubscribed as it will continue to be charged if not deleted AND unsubscribed. (Refer to 'Unsubscribing from AWS Marketplace managed rule groups' : https://docs.aws.amazon.com/waf/latest/developerguide/marketplace-managed-rule-groups.html

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