[AWS] Can the Web ACL use over 1,500WCU?

AWS WAF limits the quota of Web ACL to 5,000WCUs. If you require more WCUs, you can request an increase in WCU quota through AWS support center. However, exceeding 1,500WCUs will incur additional charges on the base price for AWS WAF Requests. For instance, if the size of the Web ACL is 3,000WCU, the Request price for AWS WAF will be as follows.

- Monthly Requests : $1.20 (① + ②)

①Base price for Requests : $0/6 per 1 million Request. 

②Price for excess Requests : $0.20 per 1 million Requests for every 500 Requests ($0.20 x (3,000WCU - 1,500WCU) / 500WCU)


※ AWS WAF Pricing : https://aws.amazon.com/waf/pricing/

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